Loupes and Lights 


Vision doesn’t ignore profession and us at Nakis Theocharides Vision Centre we like to offer the best possible tools to help you with your working routine. 

Our well-balanced loupes with lightweight titanium frames and thinner lenses are available in a choice of magnifications, styles and colours to suit every need, so your loupes can suit your style whilst improving your vision and posture. 


ExamVision Loupes


Your perfect loupe from ExamVision. Optimal magnification, maximum sharpness and unsurpassed freedom of movement – leaving you free to concentrate on your work.

ExamVision has won the Red Dot Product Design Award three times – in 2010 , 2012, 2014 and again in 2019. These awards underline ExamVision’s commitment to outstanding innovative design. The award-winning design of our loupes allows the frame to balance with the loupes in place, so it feels like you are only wearing ordinary glasses. Yet our German optics will help you to see incredible detail, and our unique lens system allows true colour transmission.


Galilean Loupes Collection





  • Loupe systems: Two loupe systems – Galilean TTLKepler TTL and Kepler Advanced.
  • Optics:Hi-Index multi-layer lensesSuper Hi-Vision coating available.
  • Outer lenses: Highest quality monofocal, bifocal or multifocal.
  • Eye Protect System™ developed by Essilor: Protection against Blue-Violet light embedded in the ocular.
  • Prisma Lens System™: Refracts light, making an image appear higher than it really is. (Available for Galilean HD).
  • Titanium frames: fully adjustable lightweight, high grade titanium.
  • Declination: choose loupe angle up to 40° for improved posture.
  • Adjustment: Infinitely adjustable, to suit vision and working position.
  • Build quality: Exceptional Scandinavian quality. Guaranteed.
  • Future proof: Rebuildable for changes in eyesight.
  • Personalised: Engraved with your name, free of charge.
  • Illumination: Compatible with a range of light sources.
  • Coloured temple tips: Easy to exchange, anti-allergic and in different colour options.









ExamVision Lights

To get the most out of your loupes, supplement your clinic lighting with bright, white shadow-free light, illuminating your field of view.

In all ExamVision lights we use "neutral white" (≤5.000 to ≤6,500 Kelvin) LEDs for the most natural lighting possible. When considering LEDs with higher Kelvin (more blue light) than the ExamVision Focus™ range, remember that this means consequently higher lux (or foot candles), but it also means more unnatural light, eye strain – and risk of retinal damage.

Our precision engineered "Connect" system fixes the LED to your loupes, sliding smoothly on and off, and maintains the light in a stable manner. A locking mechanism, allows you to keep the light permanently attached, if required.






Accessories and Options


ExamVision provides a range of products which complement and complete your loupes.




For an appointment and/or more information please contact Mrs. Maria Theocharidou at 22669000 or 99449335