Sun Protection

As good eyecare professionals, we strive to offer you the best care. Protection against the harmful ultraviolet sun rays can spare you from unwanted conditions like cancer of the skin on the eyelids, corneal damage, lens cataracts, even serious damage to the back of the eye (solar retinopathy). In Cyprus, where the sunrays are prominent throughout the year, a good pair of sunglasses is as vital as sun cream.

Ultraviolet radiation can be UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC is absorbed by the atmosphere and UVA has not proven to date to be harmful, so UVB is the one which needs to be blocked out.

Good sunglasses will offer 98% or more protection against these rays. If further protection is needed, always choose large, wrap around styles, or side-shielded sunglasses.

Did You Know?

Many ways are now available to protect you without sunglasses on:

• Choosing the right material (helps)

• Adding a UV Coat (helps)

• Going for a Photochromic design (100% UV protection)

• Choosing UV protective contact lenses (100% UV protection but no skin protection)