Children Eye Care


Every child needs good vision for normal development. 80% of the information we receive from our environment is through our sight thus the importance of good vision for stimulation as well as for school and learning is ndoubtable. We pride ourselves in our unparalleled specialized care for kids and students:

  1. Specialised school vision exams – a series of exams testing not only vision and glasses but also how they are are in reading, following targets, copying from the board, the way the work together as a pair. Any abnormality will be addressed to if possible with lenses, prisms or exercises.
  2. Strabismus examinations (orthoptics) – dealing with the assessment, monitoring and measurement of all types of strabismus.
  3. Vision Therapy – now we offer some vision therapy but soon we will be offering even deeper so we will keep you posted.
  4. Specialised Eye tests for toddlers and kids – vision is only one measure of good vision function. The quality of vision, the 3D vision, the colour perception are other measures which are all tested to make sure your child’s visual functions are in optimal condition.
  5. Low vision eye tests for kids – A functional vision assessment in children with serious visual problems. Specialised questionnaire, chart and a low vision optometrist assesses the quality and quantity of the remaining vision and effect on everyday life. Low vision aids including magnifying lenses, special glasses, telescopes and the best brand of electronic video magnifiers from Optelec are also available in store.


Especially for our kids we have frames and sunglasses of many brands made out of unbreakable plastics (see i-i) to titanium (see Lindberg). You could also choose from our budget range with 49 euro complete children spectacles.


Spectacle lenses for kids need to be safe and resistant to breakage in case of accidents. Simple plastic or even better polycarbonate lenses are recommended. As kids play and run, scratch resistant UV protective lenses are advised and are provided in store.


Kids need specialised eyewear to enjoy all the sports they like without the burden of loose fitting or heavy specs.