Are you worried that your child’s eye is turning in or out? Or that you have double vision after a bang on the head? The above examples are signs of a problem in the working together of the two eyes and a professional is specialised on such problems: the orthoptist. The most common signs of a binocular problem are:

  • One eye turning in or out (strabismus)
  • Abnormal head postures
  • Headaches and blurriness of vision
  • Double vision

The orthoptist’s aim is to discover the cause of a binocularity dysfunction, measure its extend and treat it where possible. Causes for strabismus and general problems in binocularity include:

  • Uncorrected or wrong prescriptions (glasses)
  • Unequal prescriptions in children
  • Blurry vision
  • Head trauma
  • Neurological factors